NEE JOLIE 3.5ml Black White Color Nail Polish Chameleon Effect Nail Art Lacquer Pearl Matte Nail Varnish Manicure for Nail Art


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Color :
3.5 NJS-01
3.5 NJS-02
3.5 NJS-03
3.5 NJS-04
3.5ml NJ001
3.5ml NJ010
3.5ml NJ011
3.5ml NJ012
3.5ml NJ002
3.5ml NJ003
3.5ml NJ004
3.5ml NJ005
3.5ml NJ006
3.5ml NJ007
3.5ml NJ008
3.5ml NJ009
3.5ml NJ013
3.5ml NJ076
3.5ml NJ023
3.5ml NJ024
3.5ml NJ014
3.5ml NJ015
3.5ml NJ016
3.5ml NJ017
3.5ml NJ018
3.5ml NJ019
3.5ml NJ020
3.5ml NJ021
3.5ml NJ025
3.5ml NJ034
3.5ml NJ035
3.5ml NJ036
3.5ml NJ026
3.5ml NJ027
3.5ml NJ028
3.5ml NJ029
3.5ml NJ030
3.5ml NJ031
3.5ml NJ032
3.5ml NJ033
3.5ml Matte-01
3.5ml Matte-010
3.5ml Matte-011
3.5ml Matte-012
3.5ml Matte-02
3.5ml Matte-03
3.5ml Matte-04
3.5ml Matte-05
3.5ml Matte-06
3.5ml Matte-07
3.5ml Matte-08
3.5ml Matte-09
base top oil-1
base top oil-2
base top oil-3
base top oil-4
3.5ML NJC-01
3.5ML NJC-02
3.5ML NJC-04
3.5ML NJC-05
3.5ML NJC-06
3.5 NJS-05
Brand Name: Nee JolieIngredient: nail polichItem Type: Nail PolishModel Number: AHC44944Quantity: 1 BottleNET WT: 3mlColor: 48 colors, as the picture showName: Nail PolishVolume: 3.5mlType1: Pure nail color polishType2: Matte Nail Polish

Brand Name: Nee Jolie
Ingredient: nail polich
Item Type: Nail Polish
Model Number: AHC44944
Quantity: 1 Bottle
NET WT: 3ml
Color: 48 colors, as the picture show
Name: Nail Polish
Volume: 3.5ml
Type1: Pure nail color polish
Type2: Matte Nail Polish